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ACSON Chinese New Year Contest

Acson Mug winners will replace TGV Cinema

TGV Tickets Winners

Name IC Consignment Note
Chong Sook Chen 731011145xxx RD282982695MY
Lee Soh Kuan 820108105xxx RD282982704MY
FOO SIEW PEI 720728085xxx RD282982678MY
Lee Tan See Fei 811205105xxx RD282982681MY
Choong Pooi Chan 820222085xxx RD282982664MY
Soh Chin Wee 820712105xxx RD282982655MY
Chen Gee Ming 790121146xxx RD282982647MY
Leong wei meng 821201145xxx RD282982633MY
Woo Kah Yee 870914145xxx RD282982616MY
THONG SUI YONG 710220015xxx RD282982620MY
Chan Sweet Kheng 530130135xxx RD282982593MY
Lim Shu Shin 911224025xxx RD282982602MY
Kok Siew Ping 771116086xxx RD282982580MY
lieong wing feai 870815145xxx RD282982576MY
Leong chun kit 870310105xxx RD282982528MY
VUN SHUK VOON 891006125xxx RD282982562MY
Ang hock soon 820217065xxx RD282982559MY
Sarwan Singh A/L Mehar Singh 820306035xxx RD282982545MY
Low geok bee 571121105xxx RD282982531MY
Wong Foo Hao 880313105xxx RD782982514MY
Loh Lai Fun 800618085xxx RD782982505MY
JUDY HII INN INN 940213135xxx RD782982491MY
Yong Wei foong 861219565xxx RD782982474MY
Ong Chin Hoe 880908145xxx RD782982488MY
Tan Ming Pei 830805045xxx RD782983188MY
Mook kar wai 820609145xxx RD782983191MY
Wong sook wei 860329145xxx RD782983165MY
TAN CHIN CHA 781202115xxx RD782983174MY
Lam Juan Chuan 901105145xxx RD782983157MY
tan lu yan 911225025xxx RD782983143MY
Pang Mei Hoong 910330105xxx RD782983130MY
Lee Bee Wai 800413086xxx RD821264185MY
wemdy choong poh chin 850508035xxx RD782983126MY
chow che tyng 940717085xxx RD782983205MY
Tan Kiat sheng 880717665xxx RD782983214MY
TEOH CHEA SEAN 780813025xxx RD782983228MY
Hoi Nam Kiow 540911055xxx RD821263786MY
Tan Kian May 840610145xxx RD782983231MY
Lim Yik Hua 800326105xxx RD782983245MY
Tham Wai Yee 831117145xxx RD782983259MY
GOH SUP PENG 860518566xxx RD782983262MY
Lam Joe Cheng 790920145xxx RD782983276MY
Loh leh hie 390911135xxx RD782983280MY
Looi Siew Hui 780304086xxx RD782983293MY
Lau Siow Chiu 740611016xxx RD782983302MY
CHOY Chee Shan 830612145xxx RD821263755MY
Siow wai peng 790813145xxx RD821263769MY
Crystal Lee 820730015xxx RD821263772MY
MAH SIEW CHING 851105045xxx RD821263891MY
choong ban yee 851009085xxx RD821263888MY
LIM SEOK FOONG 830130145xxx RD821263874MY
Chai Kian Koo 701228135xxx RD821263865MY
WINNIE HII SIN SIN 950401136xxx RD821263857MY
ng siew chin 770818075xxx RD821263843MY
Chin POI wan 770907145xxx RD821263830MY
sin choon hoe 861212385xxx RD821263826MY
CHONG CHAN PHANG 980724045xxx RD821263812MY
Ng Wei Ling 861108235xxx RD821264217MY
LEOW SWEE KIONG 830126045xxx RD821264203MY
CHONG SIN YI 910209085xxx RD821264194MY
Chow che tung 950116085xxx RD821263313MY
Loo Khoon Hooi 740411085xxx RD821263809MY
Lee soon choy 881123565xxx RD821263790MY
Eu siew chin 781202055xxx RD821263741MY
Ong bee theng 850613085xxx RD821263738MY
Lim chiew lin 601116105xxx RD821263724MY
Low Kowi Moy 670808106xxx RD821263715MY
Seow choong yi 820908025xxx RD821263707MY
Yeoh Sook Ching 780112025xxx RD821263667MY
ONG KENG. TEIK 810606086xxx RD821263653MY
Lee Yoke Seang 830214065xxx RD821263640MY
Hasni binti latani 860419125xxx RD821263636MY
ang che han 831207105xxx RD821263622MY
Ng gee seng 820222025xxx RD821263619MY
LIM MUI HUEY 841005045xxx RD821263605MY
Young Lai Lai 760718145xxx RD821263596MY
Noor Afifah binti Mohamad Ayob 970805085xxx RD821263582MY
YEOW MOOI TIN 840715105xxx RD821263579MY
wong sook ting 871026565xxx RD821263565MY
ang kah ping 780429045xxx RD821263551MY
CHAN CHEI HOO 801004015xxx RD821263548MY
Sin cheow seng 620105025xxx RD821263534MY
Gun Yong Jing 950516075xxx RD782982837MY
Loh Eng Nam 490712715xxx RD782982823MY
Yow ho moi 640423065xxx RD782982810MY
Sherlyn Lim 970720075xxx RD782983112MY
Chan kwai toon 590816065xxx RD782983109MY
Lam Huom King 820926065xxx RD782983090MY
Gan 850824055xxx RD782983086MY
Lam cheese yong 831209085xxx RD782983072MY
LIM CHOON BEE 760628105xxx RD782983069MY
Fairuz akmar rashef 850405145xxx RD782983055MY
Loh Ee Hoon 730108025xxx RD782983041MY
Ooi Poh kooi 790619025xxx RD782983038MY
Leong Sok Peng 861019465xxx RD782983024MY
Chua soek yee 841020105xxx RD782983015MY
ANG SIEW HOON 880312145xxx RD782983007MY
chua wei lieh 781220016xxx RD782982324MY
Lee ee vonn 920102145xxx RD782982908MY
LIM JUN WEI 950522025xxx RD782982338MY
Lee Man Kiaw 451108055xxx RD782982939MY
Loo Zhi Xuen 001120660xxx RD782982315MY
SOH TECK HUAT 800114015xxx RD782982899MY
Hong Yong Chon 480712045xxx RD782982885MY
Leong Sau Kam 820920105xxx RD782982845MY
phang pit fun 750808615xxx RD782982868MY
Loh Yi Hao 840819095xxx RD782982854MY
Lee sha ronn 930616146xxx RD821264177MY
Wong Hung Cheng 950926135xxx RD821264163MY
Ho pey qing 880623085xxx RD821264150MY
TIE MEI SIN 000529130xxx RD821264146MY
Loo Si Jie 030618080xxx RD821264132MY
gan soon fatt 850924055xxx RD821264129MY
Loh huen juin 781106015xxx RD821264115MY
Jefferson Chong 760702045xxx RD821264101MY
MO MGO LIM 561226055xxx RD821264092MY
Phuan yong yao 940613055xxx RD821264089MY
MC 900313435xxx RD821264075MY
Sandy Tan Su May 950527105xxx RD821264061MY
Ngu Ming hung 660630135xxx RD821264058MY
Liang Fong Seow 650515075xxx RD821264044MY
yap ai na 860127065xxx RD821264035MY
tiong kun cherng 860629295xxx RD821264027MY
TEE MEE LAN 771101065xxx RD821264013MY
LIM SIEW KHIM 520903105xxx RD821264000MY
Wong Nyit Shong @ Lilian Wong 490220125xxx RD782982735MY
Tan Lek @ Tan Kang Teck 480310015xxx RD782982749MY
LIM KOK KEAT 861122075xxx RD782982752MY
sin su may 911120105xxx RD782982766MY
Chin Siew Choo 700316016xxx RD782982770MY
Tan Xin Zhan 910514075xxx RD782982783MY
Nor Adzimah Binti Khaidzir 950901035xxx RD782982797MY
tan su ling 860322595xxx RD821263993MY
Lee Yew Yit 710210065xxx RD821263980MY
Ng poh kiew 871202105xxx RD821263976MY
Leong Wee Lai 760715065xxx RD821263962MY
Ng Chiew Yung 681023125xxx RD821263959MY
TEOH TENG WE 890914145xxx RD821263945MY
Lau wang kim 620731015xxx RD782982718MY
Shawn Tan Su Win 970821105xxx RD782982721MY
Hong chee seong 770627105xxx RD821263698MY
PEH HUI LENG 930329016xxx RD821263684MY
Alvin sin li fu 960504106xxx RD821263675MY
Wee Sze Ping 900704137xxx RD782982806MY
Neo chew ngor 850119015xxx RD821263931MY
Tan chan chan 851014065xxx RD821263928MY
Leow geok wah 690509075xxx RD821263914MY
SOON BEE TEE 880722075xxx RD821263905MY
Angeline hui kian 780508085xxx RD782982995MY
Tan Han Quan 880828025xxx RD782982987MY
Yeow.Ting Fong 920424865xxx RD782982973MY
Soo See Mei 850611085xxx RD782982960MY
Siow Wai Peng 790813145xxx RD782982956MY
Yoon Shu Min 970722085xxx RD782982942MY
Leong Sau Kam 820920105xxx RD782982871MY
Hon Wai Teng 900718146xxx RD782982465MY
Ho Qi Wen 880826065xxx RD782982925MY
Ngow Chew Fung 881210065xxx RD782982911MY
Lam Pei Yee 840330145xxx RD782982457MY
Phang Khong Hua 860815525xxx RD782982443MY
Ting Wee Wee 730725135xxx RD782982430MY
Goh Nian Siang 870203075xxx RD782982426MY
Tsau Kui Chorng 841130135xxx RD782982409MY
Chai Lee Heong 890615085xxx RD782982412MY
Lim Sin Yee 901003025xxx RD821263525MY
Teoh Cheah Yee 880809265xxx RD782982390MY
Lee Chee Chuang 810303075xxx RD782982386MY
Chan Kai Mun 820928065xxx RD782982372MY
Siti Norhidayah Bnti Abd Razak 950109595xxx RD782982369MY
Hon Lee Woon 810707055xxx RD782982355MY
Chai Kon Yong 590406085xxx RD782982341MY
Ong Jue Sheng 911001016xxx RD821263327MY
Foon Lai Yan 880111145xxx RD821263344MY
Chua Yuzian 860922236xxx RD821263335MY
Raymond Kong Chu Ching 951012136xxx RD821263358MY
Sandy Tan Su May 950527105xxx RD821263361MY
Lim Kim Lan 490408025xxx RD821263375MY
Alvin Sin Li Fu 960504106xxx RD821263389MY
Soh Chin Wee 820712105xxx RD821263392MY
Chean Jia Ying 940823075xxx RD821263401MY
Loh Ee Hong 740304095xxx RD821263415MY
Jinimy Dangku 880427126xxx RD821263429MY
Sin Su May 911120105xxx RD821263432MY
Lee Yeok Ling 810818045xxx RD821263446MY
Ng Chung Siang 760815135xxx RD821263450MY
Lou Lilian 911011016xxx RD821263463MY
Leong Wee Lai 760715065xxx RD821263477MY
Koh Yong Hean 921117145xxx RD821263485MY
Lee Sook Ying 900712146xxx RD821263494MY
Cheah Poh Pheng 871222025xxx RD821263503MY
Ehung 830713105xxx RD821263517MY

 *Remarks: TGV Voucher

- We will send your prize through Pos Daftar

- Acson will not re-posted prize for any return post.

- Tracking URL link: http://www.pos.com.my/postal-services/quick-access/?track-trace

- Any changes to the address, kindly call Pos Malaysia by providing your Tracking No.

- Acson will not re-posted any return parcel due to incorrect address or other reason.



Chatime Vouchers Winners

Name IC
Tan Hock Siong 821030146xxx
WONG KOON SENG 731231065xxx
Lim Suat Leng 860527055xxx
TAN PEI SHAN 881127355xxx
Liu kai xuan 90907101xxx
Tan chan chan 851014065xxx
Loh chui ping 870215385xxx
Cherry Ting Lee 830416125xxx
Gan 850824055xxx
BON KIM YUAN 840204045xxx
Lee wei kit 870907085xxx
Koh Yong Hean 921117145xxx
Lew Pooi San 860422386xxx
Choy Kok Kee 810410145xxx
Ng Mee Yee 790725085xxx
Cheong Chao Li 880223015xxx
Tan Cin Bee 870726026xxx
Chong fui lien 900218126xxx
gan ping choo 880731145xxx
Low pei pei 911005025xxx
cheah kar yiin 891216085xxx
Liang Foong Lan 670304075xxx
Ooi yong 811103075xxx
Shereen sow 891224075xxx
Chan Mun Yi 860417386xxx
Alicia Ooi Ming Ling 891105025xxx
TENG SIAW PING 870307525xxx
lau kim lan 821220015xxx
Ang boon kiat 820128016xxx
TEE POH LENG 870411085xxx
Koh Hui Kim 871001105xxx
TENG MING KIEN 831116015xxx
Foo Kwong Teck 790219145xxx
chong voon yeng 841122145xxx
sin su may 911120105xxx
Tan Cheng How 800130105xxx
lem hun siang 880419355xxx
Lam Huom King 820926065xxx
Wong Yee Wen 980629145xxx
SUA WEI LING 781114016xxx
MOK QIU YUN 840925017xxx
Tham Wai Suen 950723146xxx
Xiang tan 680331085xxx
Ngan Chui Mooi 750829105xxx
tan shei li 770819016xxx
Ang poo fang 880416355xxx
Tai Yen Yee 830921055xxx
gan soon fatt 850924055xxx
KHOR MIN WEN 770712025xxx
Ooi Chai Choo 500603075xxx
Kang jing si 860705355xxx
Bon Kim Yuan 840204045xxx
Wong Chee Ming 960715146xxx
Soh hui chin 840702115xxx
Tan sheau shuang 781216025xxx
Chong Guan Loo 830626145xxx
Looi Siew Yong 841223086xxx
Lau tiong leong 720610025xxx
Ooi Wan Chiew 820304025xxx
loo zuik 110725045xxx
teoh mee yik 870620025xxx
lemsockhwang 880418355xxx
Tan lee ching 850613065xxx
Chong wee seiw 810409055xxx
Ooi Say Huang 881114086xxx
Janice Pang Fei Chin 790929126xxx
Yew wooi ping 850828025xxx
TAN SIM INN 760702145xxx
Teh Po Wei 840817145xxx
ANG BOON GEOK 870704565xxx
TIANG SHU MIE 891215085xxx
Loo Si Jie 30618080xxx
MO MGO LIM 561226055xxx
GOY YOCK FANG 821024015xxx
Koe Ching wan 820819145xxx
Foo Siew Yan 750111086xxx
lee cheng mei 980120085xxx
yong soo fei 880512435xxx
LIM YEE KHIM 820911015xxx
Lim kiah ngi 900411065xxx
Leong Wee Lai 760715065xxx
Chong Kah Tah 951115146xxx
Chin Pei Szu 770425055xxx
Lam cheese yong 831209085xxx
Fong Lee Kheng 851230085xxx
lee yoke kim 841018146xxx
Etta Tan Yung Yie 880119355xxx
Cheng Poh Hong 720415016xxx
Tee Siok Tuan 701221105xxx
TENG SIAO YINN 811011085xxx
OOI JOON KIT 920127145xxx
Ting Fae Fae 780917135xxx
NG HUI SHUEN 770728086xxx
Tan Lay Hua 850601065xxx
Neo chew ngor 850119015xxx
LEE CHIN CHING 820731015xxx
TEE MEE LAN 771101065xxx
keng sing ping 851202085xxx
Chin Puay Ni 821114015xxx
liew seok hoon 800519025xxx
Gan soon lai 840307015xxx
Tan pik suan 700910075xxx
lay yi pay 810610015xxx
sin jun wei 790430055xxx
Ang Koon Ming 861105355xxx
tan chee heng 830320016xxx
ho chin chin 910819085xxx
hor chew yen 880628075xxx
Leng Wei Hongn 780528105xxx
Lee Siang Sern 880827236xxx
ANG SIEW HOON 880312145xxx
Low Zhi Ching 31207080xxx
Tan Lian Yee 900804086xxx
TAN SHI TENG 870303355xxx
GAN SIEW KUANG 570415045xxx
yeoh sook nee 810830025xxx
yap ai na 860127065xxx
LAI CHIN YANG 880406086xxx
wong koon foong 561208142xxx
Kerk Hwi Chuan 800718015xxx
Shawn Tan Su Win 970821105xxx
KAM KOK WAI 800311085xxx
Ching 523081xxx
Ngu Ming hung 660630135xxx
Loh Eng Nam 490712715xxx
Kam Yoon 501202085xxx
teoh mee hon 830531025xxx
Janise Cheng 791102055xxx
Kam Li Yi 900824015xxx
Poo ay lee 810315045xxx
choi siew kuan 910904145xxx
ng chai hong 940818045xxx
Yew Yik Ying 860201355xxx
LIM SIEW KHIM 520903105xxx
Loh Ee Hoon 730108025xxx
Poh Hwei tiang 811220065xxx
Neo chew syan 860807245xxx
LEE PUI SAN 871207065xxx
wen Keat wong 840220085xxx
Loh Ee Hong 740304095xxx
CHEAN JIA YING 940823075xxx
Nur Anlaily Qodriah Lee Binti Abdullah 810111085xxx
Moo Foong Hoon 740104086xxx
tee siew tiong 830924105xxx
LIM KWEE MUI 780415015xxx
Chan kwai toon 590816065xxx
gan en 860110125xxx
Lee ee vonn 920102145xxx
siew ho 630512085xxx
Ler wei kit 870907085xxx
TAN MEE LEAN 880602355xxx
TEE CHONG HOONG 761009145xxx
Tan Xing Thou 881109125xxx
phang chee keong 750415035xxx
Won Fei Fei 810809035xxx
lau siaw cheng 760905016xxx
fong chooi yong 700208015xxx
Yu ah chu 460302025xxx
Liang Siew Can 630811075xxx
Ter Hong Chou 790914145xxx
Ho Hui Li 820922135xxx
Leong wai jun 880129115xxx
Lee Lian Beng 830807145xxx
lau pooi wah 861224385xxx
loo chee sin 761127145xxx
tee soh yin 840731105xxx
Goh xin hui 950507017xxx
Lim poh ee 620815015xxx
Tan choon yen 831215075xxx
CHANG SUK LI 880129495xxx
Kang chen fuan 831112025xxx
Low siaw hui 830211105xxx
Wong seng 621029086xxx
Seah Yock Hoo 781015105xxx
chan siew kin 520801045xxx
Ling Theng Hui 840218085xxx
Low Chen Chun 831001065xxx
Yong Lee Ling 780829045xxx
Jee yi peng 860121045xxx
Chan yoke kam 831024065xxx
lim kiah kun 860816065xxx
Mah Siew Ting 810516045xxx
Yeoh shwu fen 881111566xxx
Kong Yoke Lin 590326106xxx
Lee Siau Huan 880722236xxx
chua wei lieh 781220016xxx
Tan Cheong Ling 930714146xxx
Kuah Sweet Peng 811216016xxx
Hon Siew Yoke 761220105xxx
seow wei hion 830529105xxx
CHONG KIM LEAN 590729085xxx
LOH HOOI HOON 760707075xxx
Ting Ching tiu 620104135xxx
Ngui Ting Ting 820115135xxx
Yap You Cheng 850924075xxx
Han kit ying 830814075xxx
FONSAU THENG 621019086xxx
Tan sook yee 850109146xxx
Phor Choon Mei 820419085xxx
Wong zhi qi 911113065xxx
goh min xuan 920908015xxx
TENG SIAO LIN 821030085xxx
OOI TIAN HAN 851009065xxx
Lee Yoke Seang 830214065xxx
Tan Kang Wei 950124085xxx
Jasmine Wong 770119086xxx
Low Pei Wen 840727025xxx
KHAW WAN-FEI 840615075xxx
Tan Goak Lian 490209015xxx
TOONG YY 880709085xxx
LIM CHOON MUI 711013105xxx
Aik Yin Chien 940123085xxx
PHANG CHIA CHIA 911226025xxx
Lim Eng Soon 640716075xxx
Chong Peck Yee 870119145xxx
Jefferson Chong 760702045xxx
Lee Keat Wei 880919566xxx
Choi Ming Heng 900620085xxx
Huang Siik Ing 710205135xxx
Teng Ah Mooi 410625085xxx
TEY KING LIANG 891023015xxx
TAN YU HUEI 841213075xxx
GOH MEI KAE 840619085xxx
chin sau rui 891227016xxx
Chong siew kiam 850519055xxx
Lim Siok Eng 820724055xxx
Lim Lip Yen 850929125xxx
HEW SEK YIN 630722055xxx
Lim Shun Jinn 841214085xxx
Yong Lee Mei 850321106xxx
chan yi ling 910115075xxx
Cloris kerk 891204235xxx
Lau Xuan Hong 150913140xxx
mei lim 821112086xxx
tan lu yan 911225025xxx
Wong Nyit Shong @ Lilian Wong 490220125xxx
low Pei eng 940530025xxx
HO YEW SEONG 770408026xxx
Tiong Yoke Sing 810731085xxx
Shin Chee Wey 800531145xxx
Chen Gee Ming 790121146xxx
Lau Cheng Chong 740214015xxx
CHANG CHOI WAN 821013145xxx
Yap Yin Fang 950825026xxx
CHEW SIEW CHENG 941129146xxx
Cheong win jin 881006566xxx
Tham Wai Yee 831117145xxx
TANG WEI EN 660319025xxx
Chua Chong Keat 740717025xxx
LOH LAI NGAH 890806085xxx
Er Ai May 780622105xxx
Wong Pui Kuan 761107015xxx
Muhamad haziq khawarizmi bin muhamad sam 930729145xxx
Koh Hui Xing 860426436xxx
CHOY Chee Shan 830612145xxx
Low Kowi Moy 670808106xxx
KAH WUN CHIN 820829086xxx
Chew Jian Yee 950807095xxx
LIM KAH SIONG 950210145xxx
chi ching yee 850811065xxx
Ng Chwee Tin 630622015xxx
GOH POEY CHEN 820916075xxx
Lee Soh Kuan 820108105xxx
cheong sui ling 901015086xxx
Hoong Yoke Mooi 791130145xxx
Lee Yuen Cheng 640814106xxx
Ngu mooi peng 770817075xxx
FON SAU THENG 621019086xxx
Tan Kian May 840610145xxx
Siew Lai Hoong 850708146xxx
Asmadi bin Ismail 780124095xxx
wong jun lok 940519080xxx
Ting Chin Wai 810604075xxx
Lee Yoon Khim 390905085xxx
HOO LU SING@HO YEE SING 470115025xxx
Lim Shiao Pei 850526105xxx
Tang Seow Yuen 831109075xxx
Lim Eng Hin 650920075xxx
chuah shu khee 821102075xxx
ANG CHEE ENG 860115105xxx
Chan See Hui 940210015xxx
Crystal Lee 820730015xxx
toh hui kian 780508085xxx
ANG MEI LI 790402075xxx
Chaw Siew Keong 741201105xxx
Lim Shin Xuan 950915075xxx
chong wee fai 730204055xxx
HO KHENG HOONG 791127145xxx
Lai sau yoong 570830085xxx
yu si hua 860114075xxx
YEO JING HUI 861030235xxx
Goh Jack Yi 10617011xxx
Teh 831101145xxx
TOONG YEN WAI 890709085xxx
Leow geok wah 690509075xxx
neo jackson 890124015xxx
Ng Yen Ching 760523017xxx
LOI SIONG HUNG 820927135xxx
Tan Ngiap Ai 880822075xxx
Lee Siew Fong 790304086xxx
Leong Pek Ling 760810065xxx
toong yen wai 880709085xxx
Phua Wan Joo 950902135xxx
wong muai muai 531203015xxx
Wong Ping Chuan 851014146xxx
Eric song hwa kee 921010135xxx
Richard Wan 740513085xxx
Lim Choon hoe 810707105xxx
Lee Lee Leng 820107015xxx
TANG WEI KE 920616025xxx
ONG KENG. TEIK 810606086xxx
Soo see mei 850611085xxx
Ng Yien See 820703105xxx
TEOH YEE LEONG 830602075xxx
SIEW KHUAN YEOW 740920055xxx
Wog Liang chian 750227105xxx
Jacqueline Liew Yee Ting 860305125xxx
Wong Kim mun 790727146xxx
Chu yi ying 910620085xxx
Chai Kian Koo 701228135xxx
Loh Yi Hao 840819095xxx
KHAW JYH YIH 860627355xxx
Ngien Yien Yong 940810135xxx
ken chin 780808145xxx
Cannie Ting Hua Ming 670518135xxx
Jasmine joo 880107105xxx
yeong tiong 890329295xxx
Soon Bee Har 870422075xxx
Tiong cheng jeng 811223035xxx
Lee Cheng chuan 560913106xxx
Leong Lai Foong 750606145xxx
kun vopee 870629295xxx
Wong Hung Cheng 950926135xxx
Lee Hooi Ley 951027105xxx
Tiong chen kun 900203035xxx
Soon Ah Yeok 590331075xxx
Tiong yeong sau 980331086xxx
Phuah Yan Pon 920501146xxx
Lim Lay Heng 770311105xxx
TEOW JOO ANN 600103015xxx
WINSON TENG 880809565xxx
CHAN CHEI HOO 801004015xxx
THONG CHI HOW 870723105xxx
Ng Bee Hoon 710815015xxx
Lim Kim Lan 490408025xxx
mohd sharifuddin bin abu hashim 880116086xxx
yyfon 850105085xxx
Chuah Mei Mei 911022085xxx
Ng Siow Lei 831215055xxx
tiong cheng lun 890331035xxx
Wong En Ji 770919135xxx
CHONG WEN KAN 940601055xxx
TAN Kheng Huat 770628025xxx
Ng Yau Sen 870209105xxx
Kun yeong tiong 860604035xxx
Hong Yong Chon 480712045xxx
Tiong kun Quen 860109035xxx
Lee Keat Yen 800924146xxx
Chee Wei Heong 890519075xxx
cheah poh pheng 871222025xxx
Chia Pei Yi 950515016xxx
Ting Su Lin 840721075xxx
Teoh peng soon 660130075xxx
Toung Lye Feng 590122075xxx
Yeong Sau Kun 890331206xxx
Quenn Yeong Tiong Kun 860107310xxx
kooi shiu yun 700920085xxx
Lee Way Lik 820922075xxx
Sin cheow seng 620105025xxx
Tan Hock Siong 821030146xxx
zhuang fon 621018086xxx
TIONG CHERNG KIN 900331035xxx
TING CHIN SHENG 890611075xxx
Tiong kun kun 860329295xxx
goh joh bin 880709085xxx
Yeong kun 860603295xxx
Jasmine 880706103xxx
Koh lay kim 800811055xxx
Lim Shin Yee 930828075xxx
Ang Khang Wei 880519105xxx
siti maizatul samihah binti abdullah 870719115xxx
TAN SIEW NGEE 450514065xxx
Wong Mei Mei 890520105xxx
Yeong kun queen 870331085xxx
Tiong shan ke jun 830203037xxx
Poo ah bing 550221045xxx
Ahmad Sharim Bin Mohamad 841019115xxx
Tiong tiong kun 860629295xxx
Yeow soo tee 730323086xxx
Then Yu Heng 970621065xxx
CHUAH GUOO DIAN 910223075xxx

 *Remarks: Chatime

- Each Voucher only can redeem once.

- Winner require log in back to contest page to redeem Chatime Voucher.

- Chatime Outlet personal will delete the voucher once it has redeemed.

- Chatime Voucher Expired date are till 31/3/2017


Neoflam Hard Anodized wok

Name IC Consignment Note
Wong Chooi Peng 780813145xxx 8181289406
Chew Yiying 920517075xxx 8181289410
Jenny Tan 720617075xxx 8181289421
Lee Siang Sern 880827236xxx 8181289432
Lau Wang Kim 620731015xxx 8181289443
Shawn Tan Su Win 970821105xxx 8181289454
Koh Hui Kim 871001105xxx 8181289465
Freeby Tiong Kun Yeong 860601035xxx 8181289476
Lim Mee Ling 790830145xxx 8181289480


Low Pressure Cooker


Name IC Consignment Note
Lim Meng Huei 751019055xxx 8181289491
Ang Wai Heng 860217595xxx 8181289502
Ngai Sook Kwan 820224145xxx 8181289513
Eng Hui Ling 790628145xxx 8181289524
Chan Siew Kin 520801045xxx 8181289535
Loo Wei Lun 851126105xxx 8181289546
Fon Li Seng 850105086xxx 8181289550
Poo Ay Lee 810315045xxx 8181289561
Koh Suat Lian 841115105xxx 8181289572


Eagle Fry Pan

Name IC Consignment Note
Er Ai May 780622105xxx 8181289583
Ken Mei Fong 881101065xxx 8181289594
Quek Kee Pai 770819036xxx 8181289605
Tee Choi Moy 760616016xxx 8181289616
Kwong Pooi Lai 760517085xxx 8181289620
Liang Fong Seow 650515075xxx 8181289631
Ong Ching Woon 860321355xxx 8181289642
Low Pei Pei 911005025xxx 8181289653
Wong Zhi Xin 900427065xxx 8181289664
Chia Pei Yi 950515016xxx 8181289675
Tan Seng Yew 860601565xxx 8181289686
Er More Tang 700911105xxx 8181289690
Jenny Tan 720617075xxx 8181289701
Yeoh Poh Hong 720504075xxx 8181289712
Jenny Lee Sie Hui 901108135xxx 8181289723
Lau Ong Yee 841021135xxx 8181289734
Low Kar Kheng 881108086xxx 8181289745
Wong Choi Hoon 810409105xxx 8181289756


Laptop Backpack

Name IC Consignment Note
Chong Fui Yueh 931120125xxx 8181289760
Teh Yan Teng 780228145xxx 8181289771
Khor Wan Ying 910322085xxx 8181289782
Kong Siau Lan 910705055xxx 8181289793
Lim Jie See 881014025xxx 8181289804
Toh Hui Kian 780508085xxx 8181289815
Mu Pooi Fun 830301085xxx 8181289826
Lem Sock Hwang 880419355xxx 8181289830
Tan Kar Kar 930508065xxx 8181289841
Yii Yong Ching 720101135xxx 8181289852
Koh Suat Lian 841115105xxx 8181289863
Tan Ooi Hun 941121085xxx 8181289874
Lim Kim Lan 490408025xxx 8181289885
Khor Mang Yuan 861218435xxx 8181289896
Ng Siow Lei 831215055xxx 8181289900
Chuah Mei Mei 911022085xxx 8181289911
Joslyn 900317015xxx 8181289922
Neo Chew Syan 860807245xxx 8181289933
Chen Kai Lin 881208025xxx 8181289944
Tee Kah Heng 911207055xxx 8181289955
Neo Chew Ngor 850119015xxx 8181289966
Lam Joe Cheng 790920145xxx 8181289970
Yew Wooi Ping 850828025xxx 8181289981
Tan Jin Xuan 080219010xxx 8181289992
Chin Puay Ni 821114015xxx 8181290003
Loh Eng Nam 490712715xxx 8181290014
Ng Wai Kwan 781127145xxx 8181290025
Phor Choon Mei 820419085xxx 8181290036


Name IC CN
Lim Meng Huei 751019055xxx 8123627481
Wan Mohamad Hanafi Wan Aziz 900922035xxx 8123626492
Darun Nafis Binti Zianol 891101105xxx 8123627503
Ting Hung Hung 710905135xxx 8123627514
Chuah Shu Khee 821102075xxx 8123627525
Chin Poi Wan 770907145xxx 8123627536
Ho Hui Li 820922135xxx 8123627540
Tan Yi Jui 790726125xxx 8123627551
Teh Yan Teng 780228145xxx 8123627562
Soon Bee Hoon 850518075xxx 8123627573
Chong Ting Cheong 921228045xxx 8123627584
Loh Siew Ming 890909035xxx 8123627595
Chow Kuang Haw 820320016xxx 8123627606
Chia Siok Hang 511028115xxx 8123627610
Neo Chew Syan 860807245xxx 8123627621
Yew Wooi Ping 850828025xxx 8123627632
Jasmine Wong 770119086xxx 8123627643

*Remarks: Others

- We will send your prize through Courier Service Company.

- Courier Company ABX Express

- Tracking URL link: http://www.abxexpress.com.my/tracking.html

- Any changes to the address, kindly call ABX courier company by providing your Tracking No.


- Acson will not re-posted any return parcel due to incorrect address or other reason.


Acson CNY (金鸡拜年) Contest organized by Acson Malaysia Sales & Service Sdn Bhd

This contest is open to individual citizens and permanent legal residents of Malaysia who are eighteen (18) years of age or older. Employees of the Organiser, its advertising agencies, distributors and their immediate families are not eligible to enter these Contests. The Organiser reserves the right to verify the validity of entries.

Contest Period

1) Contest begin from 9th January 2017 to 29th January 2017.

2) Entrants are required to fulfil and adhere to the contest mechanics and the Contest Period as stipulated on the Contest post. The Organiser reserves the right, in its sole and absolute discretion, to select winners and disqualify any entry as it sees fit in accordance with, but not limited to, the stipulated contest mechanics and Contest Period.

3) Entrants acknowledge that the Organiser will collect details to the extent necessary to conduct these Contests, and according provide your consent.

4) Decisions of the Organiser made during the winner selection process shall be final and conclusive on all Entrants and no correspondence will be entertained.

Steps to participate

1) Follow Acson Malaysia Wechat Official Account, ID: Acson Malaysia

2) Click “Contest” at menu bar or type "CNY"

3) Fill in personal details

4) You will have your own QR code. Then you need to scan other people's QR code to stand a chance of winning amazing prizes.

Tips: Invite your family, friends and member to join, scan the QR Code and you will have more chances to win our prizes.


• Acson Malaysia shall not liable and/or responsible for any loss or damaged on redeemed Prize.

• Acson Malaysia reserves the right to request documentation or written proof of identification, email and contact of Winners prior to the redemption of Prize.

• Prizes are not transferable and cannot be exchanged for cash or other products in part or full. The Organiser reserves the right to offer alternative prizes of equivalent monetary value without prior notice.

• If there is a dispute as to the identity of an Entrant, the Organiser reserves the right, in its sole and absolute discretion, to determine the identity of the Entrant.

• The Organiser reserves the right to investigate possible cases of cheating or tampering before a winner is determined. If cheating/tampering is involved, the respective Entrant(s) will be disqualified.

• The information submitted by Entrants when participating in these Contests is provided to the Organiser. This information may include your email address, mobile number and other personal information. Except as provided elsewhere in these Terms and Conditions, your personal information will only be used by the Organiser in accordance with applicable Data Protection Laws and Regulations for the purpose of administering your participation in these Contests. For more information on the Organiser’s Privacy Policy, please visit http://acson.com.my/privacy-policy

• Participation in the contest and/or acceptance to the prizes constitute permission to the Organiser to use the names and particulars of Entrants and Winners for marketing, advertising and trade activity purposes, and in any manner the Organiser deems appropriate.

• In the event of any dispute arising from these Contests or relating to the interpretation of these Terms and Conditions, the decision of the Organiser on all matters pertaining to the Contest shall be final and conclusive on all parties. No correspondence will be entertained. The Organiser reserves the right to amend the Terms and Conditions and details of any Contest and/or withdraw or terminate the Contest entirely at any time without prior notice and without any liability towards anyone.