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Acson 32nd Anniversary & Dealer's Appreciation Night

It’s been an incredible 32 years of unrelenting efforts – blood, sweat and tears that have brought Acson to celebrating its 32nd Anniversary! Over the years, the company has grown successfully and has managed to establish its position in the market as a trusted and one of the top leading brand in the air conditioning field.

The magnificent that not only serves as Acson’s 32nd Anniversary but also as a Dealer’s Appreciation Night took place at the Grand Ballroom in Mandarin Oriental, Kuala Lumpur on the 7th of May 2016. Without its dealers whom contributed much to the growth and success of Acson, Acson would not be where it is today. It is with pride and pleasure that Acson honours its dealers in this night of appreciation.

The journey towards excellence is one that Acson and its dealers have embarked on hand in hand. The relationship between Acson and its dealers are built on the 6 values which are Trust, Perseverance, Unity, Determination, Passion and Integrity. 


Acson places great trust on each of its dealer to represent its brand. As a local brand budding in Malaysia, the help of a local dealer is bound to take the brand to greater heights. Acson’s trust in its dealers allows its dealers to work freely and at their own capacity to achieve its goals together.


With the world’s economy going up and down, it has brought much challenges and obstacles however, both Acson and its dealer’s strong perseverance to overcome these hard times has shown to be fruitful.


The unity between Acson and its dealers is a strong bond. They would work together very closely and consult one another in matters of sales. No party works on its own because it is only through unity that new ideas are formed, inspiration are gained and difficulties are overcome.


We believe that determination is the key to success. Without determination, there is no action and therefore no results. Acson dealer’s constantly shows determination when it comes to selling air conditioners. They’ll come up with ways that best sells and do whatever it takes to hit targets.


Holding onto our company tagline, “we care, we share” both Acson and its dealer’s passion to share the goodness of Acson products to the world is one that keeps on burning. This passion is the main drive that contributes to all the other values that we adopt.


As a strong believer of integrity in business, both Acson and its dealers ensure that business runs with ethics. This is to ensure that all our customers get the best products, best services and best experience when buying with Acson. Without its dealers, Acson wouldn’t have achieved its current success and there is no better way for us to show our appreciation to each and every one of our dealers. Thank you for taking this journey to excellence with us.